We’re guided by a powerful principle: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

It’s how we structure our projects. It defines who we hire. It’s the foundation of everything we do.



We’ll be the first to admit that our approach to consulting is a little different. Our processes are built on the idea that effective marketing strategy must be flexible and iterative. It can’t be trapped in a slideshow or a deck (who even looks at those?). Instead, strategy needs to live and breathe within the business, from software to the minds of creative teams. That’s why we use a process of testing, learning and evolving, set at a cadence that’s sustainable for you, so real-world market information can be incorporated as quickly and as often as possible.


To ensure the success of this approach, we don’t swoop in, leave you with a list of recommendations and then disappear. Instead, we “bolt on” to your team, working alongside you to get specific about the big picture and execute strategy. This hands-on alignment makes us more effective and builds your team’s insights and capabilities. You should also know that our flexible and often performance-driven compensation model means we share the risk from the start.

Skill sets

We love talking about the abstract elements of brand experience. But we also love crunching and applying data in the real world. We don’t call good ideas great ideas until they’ve been validated with customers in live settings—so we’ve built a team that’s capable of creating and testing hypotheses at the speed of modern marketing. Our team members draw from diverse backgrounds, but in many ways, we think like UX designers and data-driven growth hackers.


Our client partners are supported by our team of Strategists and Technologists. Strategists provide insights and recommendations across the customer journey, while Technologists help connect systems and data and optimize strategy delivery. While we don’t make creative content ourselves, we’re a creative team’s best friend, offering real-time, practical insights in a way that’s approachable and engaging.



Managing Director Julie Babb’s background is in product management, agile software development and user-centered design. Before joining Part and Sum, Julie ran the software consultancy Pivotal Labs (NYC) and once taught Design Thinking at the White House under the Obama Administration.

Director of Strategy Jim Babb’s background is in game design, systems thinking and user experience. Jim previously held positions  at Undercurrent, Big Spaceship and Hyper Island. These days, in addition to his work with Part and Sum, he’s the Head of Games at BuzzFeed, where he manages much fun.