A Day in the Life of a Part and Sum Strategist

Aly, tell me about your morning.

My bus rolls me into Industry City, I grab a smoothie downstairs and shoot the last of the coffee that got me through my commute.

Green smoothie to kickstart day


At my desk, I catch up on email and check on live ad campaigns we’re running with clients. One client has sent over new creative; we’ll get it live today. For another campaign that recently launched, I review and optimize performance, turning off low-performing tactics and building on higher-performing ones. I jot down some notes about how these initial numbers can impact our high-level strategy.

At noon, I jump on a call with Pinterest to review ideas for a campaign we’re launching soon. Here’s a quick low down on our strategy:

High season for Wedding planning is January to March + Pinterest is a heavily used tool by Brides-to-be + our client’s product is perfect for events.

Our friends at Pinterest give us best in class advice — they are genuinely a part of the team and give feedback that we’re adding to the creative brief given to the designers making the campaign assets. Tight feedback loops are an important part of our process, and having advice from a platform can make all the difference in your campaign performance.

One interesting thing I learn on the call is that we need to consider color themes in our creative — color selection is typically a determining factor in wedding planning.

Do you typically eat lunch?

Sometimes! Some days I mostly snack. Other days I’ll go out to lunch with a colleague. There are some obscenely delicious food options here.

Drafting marketing experiments

After the Pinterest call I catch some time with Jim, our Director of Strategy. We’re prepping for an offsite with a client’s key stakeholders to align on e-commerce goals and budget for the year. Earlier in the week we reviewed the sales forecast along with the editorial calendar. Now we need to design a budget that is aligned with their forecast and highlights key initiatives.

Pairing on tasks is something we do frequently internally and with clients. Overall, my day has a good balance of time to do independent thinking and problem solving with a supportive team.

After Jim and I work out the budget, I shift gears to an internal project. I am refining a Trello template to help us kick off client work. We use Trello to keep organized and tight feedback loops with clients. Having a shared template will help us get started quickly and continue to learn across accounts.

What do you do with your down time?

When I need to take five, I share articles in Part and Sum’s #random or#inspo slack channel, scroll through my Instagram feed and bookmark good looking ads that could serve as references for clients, and then get sucked into my favorite fashion insider-baseball account, Diet Prada. The Instagram account memes the industry and covers shifts in trends and behind-the-scenes drama. I’m lucky that a handful of my clients are luxury retail brands. Being up to date on the industry is a must, but it’s also a hobby.

One last question, what do you enjoy the most in your typical day-to-day?

Digging into problems that involve creativity to solve them. Those ‘aha’ moments never get old.

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