Things we're proud of from 2018

Phew, another year flew by. Before courageously tackling all the good and bad things 2019 has to offer us, we wanted to reflect on a few things from the past 12 months that make us unabashedly proud–we had big ambitions.


  • We partnered with 23 Small Businesses, 10 Big Brands, one non-profit and one fellow service firm (👋 Sundae Collective).

  • Our clients spanned industries: Retail, Fashion, Fitness, Food, Luxury, Tech, Entertainment, Media, Skincare, Accessories and even a Photography Studio.

Clients Wins

  • We launched a subscription business that in 5 months earned 11K customers and over $1M in revenue.

  • We increased mobile conversion by 50% in 2 months for an ecommerce brand.

  • We defined the lexicon for an emerging market in the US when the mental models and vocab from abroad didn’t hold up.

  • We helped a successful tech startup find brand insights in their performance data.

  • 2 of our clients were acquired after we worked with them - just saying ;)

  • We helped accomplish 3.5x revenue growth year-over-year for an apparel and home goods brand.

  • We graduated a fast-growing startup to bring strategy fully in-house as their team more than doubled over one year.

Superpowers Unlocked

  • We developed an expertise in casting outside domain specialist and creatives for design sprints.

  • We discovered two distinct roles that allow us to deliver both expertise and breadth of skill for clients - the Strategist and the Technologist (👋 team, love you).

  • We’ve perfected the P+S SWARM (which is when we get every brain in the office to tackle a pretty robust marketing audit) - in less than an hour we can generate a great place to start.

Lessons Learned and Reinforced

  • We’ve repeatedly proven to ourselves and our clients that THERE IS NO FORMULA.

  • With the right tools, strategy is much easier to bring to life.

  • Direct response tactics should be a part of your approach, but you need full-funnel investments in the long-term to be successful.

  • There is still no better way to work than to fill a room with smart people, data and activities. 💖the workshop.

Want to hear about our utter failures? Take Julie out for a beer. 😉

Here's to 2019.

P.S. We're hiring people who think big, get their hands dirty, and play nice with others. Know any?