We partner with you from strategy through execution.

Our proven process prepares marketing teams for the new normal. 

Searching for digital strategy help?


Not sure how to go about growing or evolving your business?

Modern marketing evolution.


Dream about working more iteratively and testing creative before investing large amounts of money?

Innovative marketing approach


Wishing you had a strategic partner who can protect your brand while driving performance?

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

At Part and Sum, we pair our team with yours, so we can figure out the big picture together.

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 What We Do

Analysis, competitive landscape, digital strategy

Innovation and Growth

Everything you need to reach customers and develop meaningful, profitable relationships

  • Analysis of all channels and customers

  • Competitive research and industry insights

  • Strategy across content, commerce and experience

  • Positioning and messaging

  • Definition of key metrics and benchmarks

  • Execution partnership and support

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    How We Do It

A/B testing, campaign optimizations, reporting

We roll up our sleeves and work directly with you to help execute so we can navigate growth together, faster.

  • Tactical setup of modern marketing systems and tools

  • Ongoing marketing hypotheses testing and validation

  • Weekly adjustment of acquisition and retention approaches

  • Monthly outlook at upcoming content and key product launches

  • Vendor orchestration to help you find, brief and execute with the right partners

  • Vetting and training new members of your team

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    Recent Partners

Ongoing digital marketing strategy and execution

We make things happen,
and we share our expertise with your team.


Partner Outcomes