The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

It’s how we structure our projects.

It defines who we hire.

It’s the foundation for everything we do.


Part and Sum sits with your team, shares a screen and prepares your business for the new normal.

In a world where reaching customers and developing meaningful relationships is increasingly more challenging, our approach starts with a new way of working.

Inspired by agile software development and pair programming, we believe two heads are better than one. So we pair a member of our team with yours to navigate challenges, tackle projects of all sizes and build lasting capabilities.

That means our strategies don’t exist exclusively in static decks that no one looks at anyway. Our strategies are living things that exist in the wild, actual marketing systems, and in the minds of the teams who execute.

That means you have a dedicated partner who can interpret data as it comes in and help you adjust your approach in real time.

That means building sustainable marketing systems and teams that can evolve on their own.


But more than anything, it means you don’t have to go it alone.

Julie and Jim Babb

Our Team

Founded by Jim and Julie Babb, P+S is a team of six curious people and one grumpy old dog.


Jim’s background is in game design, systems thinking and user experience. He’s worked at Undercurrent, Big Spaceship and Hyper Island. He once designed a card game that you can buy in Walmart.

Julie’s background is in product management, agile software development and user-centered design. Previously, Julie ran the software consultancy Pivotal Labs (NYC). She once taught Design Thinking to the administration at Obama’s White House.